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Benefits of Construction Site Sweeping

Muddy entrances and streets are not the only areas that companies worry about. Environmental factors like air pollution and dust can pollute nearby waterways and the air around construction sites. Using a professional sweeping company improves the image of your job site, creates a safer working environment for your personnel, and helps control environmental issues.

Street sweeping and vacuuming to remove sediment tracked onto roadways will reduce sediment transport into storm drain systems or a surface waterway. Proper sweeping keeps chemicals and potential pollutants from entering the water system, and controlling sediment makes it easier to filter and clean the water supplies.

ECIS is an industry expert in construction site cleanup and our fleet of street power sweeping vehicles and dependable operators make sure the job is done right. We work on everything from building and housing development sites to clean-up for milling and paving operations. Let ECIS be your one-stop shop for all your construction sweeping needs which not only benefits you but also improves the safety and quality of your community. Give us a call at 845-744-8148 to set up your personalized construction site clean-up plan today!

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