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Our sister company, East Coast Services II, Inc. Snow Removal, is the partner your business needs when it comes to commercial snow removal. Our fleet of high-tech snow removal equipment is rivaled only by our team’s dedication to customer satisfaction. Our snow management experts clear lots professionally and quickly with every snowfall.


We have a 24-hour live snow desk because we understand that it is important to keep good records when it comes to the weather. We provide detailed weather reports to our customers upon request to keep you and your team updated on incoming weather risks. We are not just a company with a snowplow, we are a dedicated partner for getting you through the storm.


Winter storms can cause a number of headaches, including the risk and liability of unsafe conditions. Commercial snow removal and maintenance that is properly conducted and maintained can help you to prevent injuries and/or unsafe conditions caused by snow and ice. East Coast Services II, Inc. Snow Removal understands the importance of corporate safety, and our team is happy to cater to your hours of operation. Call us today to ensure you can keep your business running efficiently and safely regardless of the weather.

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When it comes to weather, we don’t guess. We have a 24-hour live snow desk because we understand that it is important to keep good records with the weather.

We subscribe to a top national weather service, which allows us to talk to an experienced meteorologist at any time to refine our weather data. The result is the application of de-icing compounds and plowing at just the right times to maximize customer benefit.

We are tracking and alerting you along the way so you know what is to be expected.

Our service does not end when the plow blade is lifted. When your billing arrives, you will have detailed records of our on-site activity during the storm.

We are not just a company with a snow plow. We are your partners in the storm.

We’re here for you 24/7. Contact us HERE, call 845-744-8148, or email us at

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