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At East Coast Industrial Services, we offer cost-effective street sweeping solutions for a number of community needs. Whether you represent a city, are in need of heavy construction sweeping, or milling sweeping, you’ll find the experienced personnel at East Coast make a valuable partner.

Our team will work with you to help determine your unique street sweeping needs, and then provide detailed customized program options. Whether you require quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily service, we can establish a seamless plan. And, our parking lot sweepers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week – which means our team is sweeping while you sleep!


Street sweeping is not only a best management practice, it also helps to improve value. Many superintendents and homeowners associations (HOA) have recognized the impact street sweeping can have on a local community. Clean streets help to enhance property values and also foster an environment of community pride.

Street sweeping can also help to extend the life of pavement, reduce potential clogs and flooding of storm drains and/or sewers, and helps to reduce harmful dust particles.


Not only does street sweeping help improve community morale and value, but it also helps contribute to the protection and preservation of our natural environment. Street sweeping helps to clean millions of pounds of dust, dirt, dangerous debris, and harmful chemicals that can pollute the environment, including the air we breathe.

By dedicating to a stringent street sweeping schedule, communities can not only improve dust control and pollution but also avoid hefty environmental regulation fines. Make a commitment to your environment today by establishing a street sweeping plan.

At East Coast, we have built a diverse fleet of GPS-tracked sweeping equipment so that we are always prepared to meet your sweeping needs with the highest level of excellence. We service our equipment in-house so that the machines on your job will be in top shape.

We also maintain a backup fleet, and employ in-house service technicians who are available for job site dispatch with a moment’s notice.

Leaders in ethical standards

When you partner with East Coast Industrial Services, you get a company in compliance with the highest standards within our national industry. These standards, initially created by the editors of, our industry’s largest information resource, are now required for our World Sweeping Association membership.

We are familiar with the latest in power sweeping industry innovations, and subscribe to the highest ethics in the power sweeping industry. Further, our team goes through a comprehensive training program, and participates in continuing education so that we are always up to date regarding relevant environmental-based requirements.

All of the services we provide are monitored to assure peak performance. Our experienced management team maintains a thorough follow-up procedure designed to ensure consistent, industry-leading results with every sweep.

We also provide a full-time safety officer who regularly surveys our strategies to guarantee all security prerequisites are being met.

East Coast Industrial Services, Inc. is a founding member of’s Ethics in Power Sweeping Program, a member of the North American Power Sweeping Association, and an approved subcontractor for the New York State Department of Transportation.

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At East Coast we understand the importance of maintaining your buildings and parking lots to the latest standards. Our ADA Response Team is ready to partner with you and review your current building and parking lot conditions and make recommendations.

We can install and/or modify handicap access ramps, install/or modify ramps to create safer access, install signage to alert patrons of the best access route, install/modify line stripping to create crosswalks, van accessible parking, and install bollards for handicap space identification, replace door hardware, and all other ADA/ADAAG interior modifications that may be needed to comply.


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