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Who doesn’t want to live, work, and play in a clean environment?

Having clean streets instills pride in your community and helps to drive growth and economic development. A clean environment instills civic pride.

East Coast Industrial Services will work with you to design a program that will keep your streets looking great all year round!

Stay compliant, reduce risks

Regulatory compliance and risk management can be tough. We make it easy.

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s stormwater compliance standards require regular removal of debris, road salt, trash, and trace metals from public roadways. These standards help prevent stormwater system clogs and help to mitigate flooding. In addition to this, road salts and other pollutants can end up in groundwater supplies if roadways are not regularly cleaned.

East Coast Industrial Services will help you to stay compliant and protect your population with a maintenance program that fits the needs of your community or municipality. Our trucks are equipped to reduce dust, and safely remove trash, leaves and other refuse while sweeping roadways.

Reduce overhead

Running a sweeping truck program can be expensive.

We know, our trucks are pretty cool, you may even find yourself wondering about starting your own sweeper program to take care of your city streets. The costs, however, can be overwhelming when you consider purchasing the right equipment, maintaining that equipment, and training the right staff.

East Coast Industrial Services has the right equipment, staff, and professional experience to beautify your neighborhood and help you to save taxpayer dollars by avoiding starting up a costly neighborhood sweeping program. We maintain our own equipment so it is always ready to go, and in top shape!

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