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Homeowners associations

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East Coast Industrial Services offers a comprehensive set of services for your homeowners association (HOA) or apartment community.  Not only do we provide street sweeping services, we also offer parking lot sweepinglandscaping, storm drain catch basin cleaning services, and snow management.

Beauty appreciates value

Beautiful neighborhoods increase home value

It’s no secret that everyone wants to live work and play in a clean environment. Clean and well-maintained communities increase property values for homeowners and increase civic pride in communities.

Increase Quality of Life

Life is too short to live in squalor

Cleaner communities mean cleaner homes. A well-swept community significantly decreases the amount of dirt and dust tracked inside, it’s a quality of life thing, and your community members will thank you for it.

Protect your investment

Regular street cleaning prevents flooding

Trash and debris on public roadways can infiltrate the sewers and clog stormwater systems. If this problem is left unchecked, serious flooding can occur inflicting thousands of dollars in damage. Regular roadway cleaning and maintenance can help prevent these floods by removing debris before it enters the sewer systems.

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