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Exteriors Are the New Interiors

With curbside pick-up booming, maintaining curb appeal is simply good business. by Bryan Presutti, Operations Manager, ECIS Your business makes its first impression the moment customers drive onto your parking lot and see your storefront. Business owners and property managers need to always be thinking: How clean are my lot ...
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Family Business ‘Makes It Right’

(as featured on on 10.7.20) Jay and Laurie Presutti have fielded numerous offers to buy their business, East Coast Industrial Services – and they’ve rejected them all. “We got into this as a family to run a family business,” he says. “I started it so my kids can have ...
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Why you should hire a certified woman owned business

Minority-owned business enterprises (“MBEs”) - like East Coast Industrial Services - are companies that have been certified to be at least 51% owned and controlled by a minority principal who is a US citizen or lawful permanent resident. Find out how you can benefit from hiring an MBE below: Win ...
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Shopping Center parking lot

5 Reasons To Have Your Parking Lot Cleaned

1. Discourages littering. Regularly cleaned parking lots discourage littering. The appearance of litter gives others the opportunity to just hop on the bandwagon. It is less likely someone will want to be the first to throw their trash. 2. First impressions. A clean parking lot makes a good first impression ...
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Reasons To Landscape Your Commercial Property

The exterior of your business is the first impression many people receive. When potential clients visit your business, the outside is the first impression they’ll have. Customers will determine how much you care about presentation based on the quality of your landscape maintenance: weeds in your planters and flower garden, ...
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Benefits of Construction Site Sweeping

Muddy entrances and streets are not the only areas that companies worry about. Environmental factors like air pollution and dust can pollute nearby waterways and the air around construction sites. Using a professional sweeping company improves the image of your job site, creates a safer working environment for your personnel, ...
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Spring is Coming!

Spring is almost here and now is the time to start thinking about cleaning your parking lot. The asphalt and concrete surfaces in your parking lot or garage represent a significant investment, so it makes sense to keep them clean. Regular sweeping removes abrasive dirt, sand, and other debris which shortens the ...
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