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Every year, more Americans are using air transportation as their travel means. Airport administrators, meanwhile, are trying to increase air traffic without adding additional resources. Runway sweeping and the removal of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is paramount to the safety of passengers and the equipment on the runway. East Coast Industrial Services has the equipment, staff, and experience to make sure that your runway is clear of safety hazards so that you can ensure that you are following Best Management Practices (BMP).

Your time is valuable

We know that your time (and the time of your staff) is valuable.  East Coast Industrial Services will partner with you to design a maintenance program that fits the needs of your airport, to ensure a clean FOD clear runway. We offer commercial cleaning & sanitizing services, parking lot sweepingparking lot maintenance and repair and commercial snow management in addition to many other services.

Penny-wise, pound-wise

FOD costs the aerospace industry billions of dollars annually in damage, and as much as ten times that amount in indirect costs from delays, incurred fuel costs, aircraft changes, and unscheduled maintenance. Many of these costs are avoidable with a comprehensive runway sweeping plan. You may be surprised by just how affordable it is to hire East Coast Industrial Services, especially when compared to operating your own sweeper program. Don’t be caught off guard by debris, plan ahead and call us to design a plan to work with you!

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