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When it comes to maintaining exterior appearances, power washing is one of the easiest and most valuable services available. Simple efforts, such as keeping parking areas, sidewalks, and awnings clean, helps to make a valuable first impression for your business or organization. At East Coast Industrial Services, we have experience with cleaning and restoring a number of surfaces through our power washing services, including wood, concrete, metal, vinyl, pavers, patios, asphalt, brick, awnings, and more. By investing in power washing services, you will not only improve the appearance of your surfaces, but also help extend life through this simple preventative maintenance tactic.


Power washing is not only a service that helps to keep your business areas clean but also contributes to the life and value of your building and public areas. Due to normal wear and environmental factors, it is common for exterior finishes and surfaces to lose their original appearance and cleanliness. A simple power washing can renew the appearance, and even extend the lifespan of many materials.

In addition, many materials that power washing helps to clean – such as gum, salt, or grime – would otherwise be tracked into your business, or have a negative impact on your surrounding environment. When these sort of messes are left unattended, the wear and tear can start to negatively affect the appearance and quality of your property.

By utilizing the right equipment, proper technique, and years of experience; East Coast can get the job done to the highest standard.



Sometimes, power washing needs can extend beyond a regular maintenance schedule. At East Coast, we understand emergencies happen. Accidents, spills, and graffiti can all pose a risk for your company’s public image. Contact us today if you have an immediate need for a power washing cleanup job.

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