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Happy Customer – Stinson Landscape Service

TJ Stinson knows what it takes to succeed in the business of landscaping! Stinson Landscape Service, based in Poughkeepsie, New York, is in its fourth decade and second generation as a family-owned and operated business. The company prides itself on providing their customers with excellent service and a reputation for dependability.

When TJ suddenly found himself in need of a little dependability, he turned to ECIS.

“I couldn’t get a hold of the company that had been handling cleanups for us,” said TJ, who was hurriedly trying to prep a property for a new, valued client to move in. “They weren’t returning my calls, nothing, and I had to get this work taken care of in a short window.”

It seemed that TJ’s former vendor had shuttered without letting him know, essentially leaving him hanging with an ever-shrinking window of opportunity to complete the sizable spring clean-up job. Now in a bind, TJ took to the internet to find an outfit that could help him out with quick and quality service.

“I found ECIS online, and called them as soon as I’d read some of their customer reviews,” said TJ. “From the get-go, Bryan [Presutti] and ECIS were there for me at every step. The guys they sent were beyond pro.”

Stinson Landscaping needed what ECIS Operations Manager Bryan Presutti called a “heavy winter sand removal,” in which an entire parking lot’s worth of winter detritus needed to be picked up and carted away before the lot could then be swept again and made presentable to TJ’s customer.

“It was all the stuff that piles up in a commercial lot during the winter,” said Bryan. “Roadway salt, people’s trash, all kinds of organic debris, PPE, it all needed to go, and it had to go fast!”

ECIS was able to get the job done, done well, and on time.

“The guy they sent to handle the job was more than pro,” said TJ, who takes pride in the promptness and courteousness of his own crew. “ECIS was in communication with me the whole time, letting me know what and when things were happening. The ECIS team exceeded my expectations, especially with such a short lead time.”

TJ was very happy with his decision to call ECIS, and even has more work lined up with the company for the future.

Whether you find yourself in a similar bind or you’ve just put off your winter clean-up, ECIS is here to help. Contact us to maintain your parking lot and entire commercial property, to keep it looking its best year-round.

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