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Happy Customer – Blacktop Maintenance Corporation

ECIS was proud to work with our friends at Blacktop Maintenance Corp. (BTM) recently. Like their website says, BTM is a shop that does everything they can to make sure every client receives the best service they can provide – a concept that every one of us here at ECIS has also always believed in!

“It’s definitely a community-minded customer service sensibility that I think we share,” says Vice President and General Manager, Jay Presutti. “It’s something special that you can almost only get from businesses that have grown locally, consistently providing new services to the ever-increasing number of neighbors we’ve welcomed into the region over time. It means a lot that BTM would trust us to care about their clients in that way.”

BTM, based in Poughkeepsie, has been a Hudson Valley leader in its field since 1973. They are trusted by clients for an unwavering commitment to, and track record of, quality work and tailored attention to detail since David Petrovits launched the company. It remains family-owned and operated today by Stew Petrovits and Dana Wiehe.

As winter 2021 was coming to an end, BTM was overseeing the planning and carrying out of its clients’ annual winter parking lot clean-ups, a common part of any yearly upkeep plan. They were caught by surprise, however, when they checked with a longtime sweeping contractor, only to find out they were no longer available.

And this is where ECIS comes in….

BTM found itself with a long-time, multinational client, who also happened to be situated on the second-largest commercial property in three counties, who needed a serious spring cleaning – in a hurry!

Heavy sand sweeping is an important step in parking lot maintenance and includes removal of road salts from along curbing and in potholes, and the collection of other trash and natural debris left behind from melting. The process improves lot safety and longevity and is always a natural first step when looking to improve curb appeal.

BTM, on short notice, wanted to find a new vendor who would appreciate the things that had gone into taking care of this client for more than three decades and, in turn, embrace the same sort of customer service-oriented mindset on their behalf to get the job done.

“We’ve been on-site with this customer for 32 years,” said Mr. Petrovits. “Our previous sweeping contractor was gone, basically no notice.”

BTM recently had a crew completing paving work along Route 52 near Pine Bush and seeing the ECIS offices jogged Petrovits’ memory about the good things he’d heard about them.

“We wanted the client to receive the same level of performance we’ve been giving them for 30-plus years,” said Mr. Petrovits, who added that it only took a quick conversation to go from quote to hire with ECIS. “They exceeded our expectations! They arrived with a great crew and modern equipment, and they did the work in a timely manner. My manager who has been on that particular account forever was also extremely pleased with the quality of the work.”

When we learned that one of BTM’s clients needed a sizeable lot clean-up – in a hurry – we were confident we could step in with the tools and talent to get the job done. In situations like these, it is also about making sure you respect and maintain another company’s unique standards for excellence because that’s the benchmark they’ve set for the customers who trust them.

“You know, it’s a rare thing when someone does exactly what they say they’re going to do,” said Mr. Petrovits. “This was a big commercial snow removal, it was the end of the season, so the entire site got worked out, and it’s a very large site – a very large site! ECIS really deserves all the kudos!”

Thank you, BTM and Mr. Petrovits for these very kind words. We appreciate BTM taking the time to share the experience you enjoyed working with the ECIS team.

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