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Remember Wishing Someone Else Would Do Your Chores?

Your childhood dream is about to come true! Let’s talk about Porter Services today.

If we’ve learned anything through each and every one of our awesome partnerships with property owners and managers over the years (and we’ve learned plenty), it’s that your role comes with a ton of responsibilities. You liaise with tenants, set budgets and handle rent, you market available spaces, and there is much more you do behind the scenes. Ironically, though, taking care of “the scene” – the property itself – is often the thing that gets delayed as other critical duties get handled.

Understandable? Maybe (no… not really). Risky? Yes!

Inattention like that can lead to three specific stings that become increasingly difficult to remedy the longer they’re left alone; three things NO property owner or property manager wants…

  1. An ugly property.
  2. An unsafe property.
  3. A property with a declining value.

Chores: Procrastinate or Pro-activate
Neglect can begin as simply and imperceptibly as a few pieces of trash scattered around your property, maybe some fading way finding signage or an overgrown planter, maybe some stress cracks in the pavement start to pop up, a weathered patina begins to collect on your siding. It happens slowly, but proceeds surely!

The “I’ll get to it later” approach to property maintenance is an epic fail every time, and we’ve seen it lead to larger, more urgent and costly problems. Repairing, restoring, or rebuilding parts of your property that fall apart, is a lot more expensive than relying on regular upkeep.

So… how about we take some of those daily chores off your hands?

Hey, Porter!
An ECIS porter is the answer to your childhood dream – someone whose role is to clean up for you!

ECIS Porter Services are a simple way for you to make sure the exterior of your property is looked after, so it stays clean, safe, functional, and inviting. Depending on the size of a property, we can designate a porter or a team of porters to handle daily upkeep, including the monitoring and maintenance of your parking lot, building exterior, common areas, landscaping, and more.

When lots and facilities are not assessed or tidied up often enough, they won’t keep up with the rate that the elements and everyday traffic will degrade them. That will torpedo your property value over time. Here’s how you can keep that from happening.

It All Starts With Curb Appeal
The way the exterior of your property looks is the face of you and your tenants’ businesses. It’s your calling card, your base of operations, the landmark people associate with you and your goods and services. Curb appeal makes an important first impression. Even though it is the first thing people notice as they arrive at a property, it is also often the first chore neglected. What begins as an easily fixable cosmetic issue can escalate quickly.

Keeping your building vibrant, your lot clean and well-marked, and making sure the flowerbeds are bright and trimmed are all chores a porter can do for you. We remove any trash scattered around the parking lot, and even handpick pesky detritus that industrial sweepers can’t reach in the nooks and crannies. Just a few of the things we do: tend to your landscaping, pedestrian pathways, pressure wash surfaces, empty and reline trash receptacles, and more.

Entropy Waits For No One
Things unravel quickly! An unsightly property can quickly become an unsafe property. A property with safety issues is already losing value. A few pieces of trash left blowing around turns into a clogged drainage system. A small pavement crack becomes a pothole, which leads to standing water, which seeps into your lot, which erodes it from underneath.

Like our parents said, “You should take good care of your things.” By tending to the day-to-day beauty of your property, a porter also maintains its longevity, safety, and value.

A trained ECIS porter will also keep a keen eye out for any developing issues that they think need to be addressed, particularly things that could become liabilities to your tenants and their customers.

Every Day. Every Season.
We’ve said it before, many times, that seasonal clean-ups are critical when it comes to taking the best possible care of your commercial property, especially your parking lot, which takes a beating every single day from traffic, people, and the elements. When you complement seasonal tune-ups with daily upkeep, you ensure that your property is always in tip-top between seasonal servicing.

Have a professional portering crew take some of the daily stress off your hands – like you always wished. Let’s talk, so you can rest assured knowing that your property will always be in tip-top shape.

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