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Spring’s Coming. There’s Lots to Do!

by Bryan Presutti, Operations Manager
East Coast Industrial Services

Spring cleaning is just as important at your commercial property as it is at home. Specifically, when it comes to your parking lot!

Not cool, winter.
From snowstorms to being covered in sheets of ice, and constant frigid temperatures, the elements are relentless on your parking lot surface, its striping and curbing. Now, factor in abuse from snowplow blades and salt trucks, and then add in the daily wear and tear it gets from business traffic.

Your lot takes a serious beating all winter long.

Prepping for Presentation
Your tenants and their customers put a lot of stock in presentation, and the lot really is the first chance to make an impression. In other words, curb appeal matters. Also, much of what goes into prepping a lot for presentation – making it look good and maintaining its aesthetics – are also things that contribute to it being a safe lot.

By the way, the cost of regularly maintaining your lot is far less than waiting to repair it when major issues arise. Basically, we’re talking about a win-win-win for property owners and managers.

Prioritize parking lot care this spring, as the foundation for all the other property work you plan to complete this year. We suggest you take stock of the following potential issues at your lot to assess your spring clean-up needs.

See any new potholes?
The first flowers of spring are always a welcome sight unless they are sprouting from a new crack in your pavement. Potholes and gaps in your surface are unsightly and dangerous. Aside from their obvious impact on the ever-important curb appeal, potholes can cause significant tire and other automobile damage. They also significantly increase the chances of someone tripping in your parking lot after exiting their vehicle. While you’re at it, be sure to check those curbs for any damage, too.

Is your signage standing?
It’s not uncommon for parking lots to lose a sign to heavy weather and the heavy-duty trucks that handle it. Make sure all your signage, especially way-finding signage, has made it through the winter upright and in good condition. It’s also a great idea to take this opportunity to assess your signage overall. Is it current? Is it visible and legible? Signage helps make your lot safe for all users, and it’s an essential feature that should be given renewed attention regularly.

Rocks, Salt & Masks, Oh My!
You know those enormous snowbanks that’ve been building up around your lot all season? They’re full of all kinds of nasty things you can’t see right now, but you will soon enough! The melting snow and ice puts winter’s detritus right out in the open, dropping it in every corner and along every curb of your lot.

Gravel and chunks of asphalt left behind by snowplows. All the salt pellets that survived the moisture. Leftover, matted leaves from fall. And – new for 2020 and 2021 — discarded PPE like masks and gloves.

Spring Into Action
At ECIS, we get it – your parking lot is a significant part of your business investment, and we are here with a full slate of services to help you get the most out of that investment. Take a look at the Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair page of our website to learn more about what we offer.

When you’re ready for a spring cleaning that will make your lot a whole lot better, call us at (845) 744-8148. We can help you identify your needs, set a plan, a budget, and get started on property maintenance that will save you money and make your property look ready.






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