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Seasonal Sweeping Services: Do Not Leaf It Until Later

We’re in the thick of another vibrant upstate New York autumn! But as beautiful as it is, there’s simply no pumpkin spicing away this one, undeniable property management fact:

Fall is a beast when it comes to beating up your parking lots and roadways.

It’s not the leaf peepers fault. It’s not their just-here-for-the-weekend traffic. Nope, it’s October’s onslaught of seasonal debris that poses the biggest threats to the longevity and safety of your lots. Damage done now and left for later will only get worse when winter arrives in all its pavement-punishing glory. (And that’s just weeks from now, really.)

Happily, we offer a solution to the property woes that accompany this otherwise celebratory season of harvest fests and sweater vests, parking lot sweeping services and roadway sweeping services.

Both are excellent ways to address customer safety, maintain capital investments, and much more – what we consider a win-win-plus.

Protect Your Customers
Autumn leaves are pretty, and also be pretty troublesome. The same leaves whose colorful display we marvel over year after year, would just as soon turn on us given the chance. When leaves are left to collect on the surface of a roadway or parking lot, the first thing that happens is that lot directional and other safety markings become obscured. Worse yet, they quickly become slip-and-fall hazards on the damp fall mornings and rainy days.

We know, that one’s a no-brainer, but do you realize what’s going on under those leaves?

Protect Your Investment
Falling leaves get everywhere. They cover your lot, they collect along curbing, get into cracks, and make their way into drainage systems. Combine those leaves with a chilling fall rain, the usual blend of dirt, silt and sand, add a dash of man-made trash, and you’ve got the recipe for some seriously rapidly degrading black top. All that muck works together to grind down and crack your surfaces, wear out directional markings and parking lines, destroy sealcoat, and clog drains.

Protect Your Image
Businesses often makes a first impression before customers are even greeted by an employee.

When customers arrive at your business, the roadways and lots they use are their first experience with your brand. Their first impression is made by the appearance and helpfulness of those paved areas. This is before they even buy any goods or services. First impressions matter. They have a profound effect on overall customer satisfaction.

Beyond that, the way your property looks conveys a sense of pride in your business and in the community that you serve. Remember, a welcoming exterior welcomes growing business. You might also want to revisit this blog for even more reasons to make lot health a priority at your property.

Keep Up With The Seasons
Don’t forget, when the leaves stop falling, the snow starts. And those are two piles you definitely do not want ganging up on your asphalt. That makes today the perfect time to set up parking lot sweeping services or roadway sweeping services for your property.

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