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by Bryan Presutti, Operations Manager, ECIS

Are you seeing what we’re seeing? People are excited to be “getting back out there” all over the Hudson Valley and beyond this summer, and that means it’s time to get your buildings and lots looking their best!

With the public health safety measures put in place to protect people from Covid-19 over the past 18 months slowly but surely being lifted, more and more people are excited to return to their normal routines, like getting back to the store and all the other places they haven’t been able to go since last March. Post-pandemic traffic is up at all kinds of properties, and no matter what type you own or manage – retail stores, hotels, office buildings, etc. – there’s no doubt you’ve already noticed the signs of increased usage.

At ECIS, we can help you get your property where you want it…

First things first. How’s your curb appeal?

That first impression you make as a customer or tenant drives onto the lot and sees your facility is huge. People notice it and talk about it. So, one sure-fire strategy to get people to take a liking to you right off the bat is to make sure your lot and facility are clean, that your lot is well-marked, and that your landscaping is on point.

Your goal should always be to maintain an attractive and welcoming environment that is also safe and navigable for guests. You can do a post-pandemic assessment of your property’s beautification and safety needs in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

Use this simple curb appeal checklist:

  • Your Parking Lot
    • Is it clean?
      • Get your lot thoroughly swept and washed to remove any leftover natural and manmade debris from the past seasons, and particularly unique pandemic litter such as discarded masks and gloves.
    • Is it smooth?
      • Have your lot resurfaced if it’s showing signs of standing up against a tough winter and spring. Cracks and potholes are not just unsightly, they’re dangerous.
    • Is it well-marked?
      • A nice flat surface is great, but it is clearly defined parking and way-finding markings that really turn a smooth drive into a safe one.
    • Your Buildings & Grounds
      • Is your exterior clean?
        • Power washing your facility after a couple of seasons of being battered by the elements is a quick and efficient way to brighten up any building façade.
      • Is your signage clear?
        • From fading over time to battles with snowplows, signs take a beating. Be sure yours is upright, legible, and accurate.
      • Is your property dry?
        • Standing water on your property is not only an inconvenience and potential safety hazard, but it may indicate underlying infrastructure issues that could be costly, in every sense, in the long run. Have drainage areas checked and fixed!

Maintaining curb appeal is cost-effective.

The checklist suggests it, but we’re always careful to make sure our customers understand this key takeaway: In many very significant ways, the steps you take to establish and maintain curb appeal at your property are closely tied to maintaining safety.

When a well-appointed property is also well-maintained, it makes it easier to get around on, makes it safer, and cuts way down (and can eliminate) potential risks to your guests and tenants. That makes routine maintenance of your newly “re-beautified” property one of the wisest investments you can make.

Get the benefits! It’s set-and-forget easy.

Scheduled facility maintenance by the team of pros at ECIS is a great way to establish and maintain a good-looking property that works the way it should. Start with a hassle-free estimate, and we can tailor a solution that works for your needs, on your schedule and budget. And, once ECIS is on the job for you, we’ll be there when we say, without delay, so you never have to worry about it. Plus, our customers know we’re here 24/7 – with the truck running – to get to you in a hurry if you find yourself in an unfortunate “no one saw that coming” situation.

So, if you are already experiencing that post-pandemic increase in traffic to your business, now’s the time to give us a call. With more and more people coming back to your property in person, we can get it ready for its close-up, and keep it tidied up for you, too!

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